Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Barefoot?

Soooo.... since you don't know me I thought I would ask the question I know already burns in your mind. Why Barefoot? What does barefooted-ness have to do with anything?


Being barefoot actually has it's own little subculture, with it's own websites, mission statements, tips & tricks, how to's, legal information, and activities. Oh and don't forget the history of barefoot walking / living, including famous people who went barefoot.

One site states it's mission statement as: "TO PROMOTE BAREFOOT ACCEPTANCE worldwide and to work towards regaining the freedom our parents and grandparents had to go barefoot anywhere. We do this for ourselves and our children."

Okay so really, I like being barefoot and my children spend almost 100% of their time barefoot from the moment the snow melts until it is too cold outside to reasonably do so without risking frostbite. But do I buy into this barefoot cultures ideas? No not really.
But... maybe there is something there. I've also been a big supporter of babies and children especially those just learning to walk being barefoot or at least with soft flexable soled shoes. Medical experts have agreed that soft soles are the best choice for children's feet as it allows them to walk more naturally (IE barefoot) using their toes to actually grip the floor which help to develop muscles and strength.
Okay so maybe I buy into it... just a little.

For me being barefoot, or the concept of being barefoot represents living simply, living naturally. Walking gently on the earth. (Well we have to walk gently if we are barefoot, otherwise you might hurt yourself...)

Living Barefoot
Society for barefoot living

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