Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting back into the groove with a few projects

A few doings for our kindy year. We spent the last 3 weeks down in the southern part of the state visiting friends and family so are just trying to get back into our homeschooling groove.

Body outline and filling in the bits, including guts & heart. My kinder has never been a drawer so this amount of detail put into it and the fact that it wasn't a struggle to get him to do it is amazing.

This is a Geo Safari that I had when I was a kid. I grabbed it from my dads house and put new batteries in, it works! Did senses, animal parts matching, habitat and a few others.  Science, number identification, logic, sequencing... not to mention it makes such a fun beep boop sound. 

Have you read Life of Fred ? Fantastic books that introduce math in a living way that's fun and educational. It's the way I wish math had been taught to me. 
Fred doesn't eat very healthy food so he isn't very big for a 5 year old, in fact he is only 1 yard tall (3 feet).
Are we taller then Fred?

Introduction of our new scale. In the past we've had ones that let us know which side is heavier but this one actually tells us how much stuff weighs. Had fun trying to add things to make only exactly a pound.

Pratt Museum in Homer, AK, also visited the Oceans museum there. Both were very very fun experiences. Followed up by many a trip to the beach whenever it wasn't raining.