Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer weather fun

In the summer we like to use curriculum and do topics that we might not otherwise get to cover during the year. This summer we are testing out Moving Beyond the Page . We are just finishing up the weather unit.

Cloud formations. a printout of different cloud formations, construction paper sky and a bit of fluff for clouds. We made about four different cloud formations, these are Cirrus on the left and Cumulonimbus on the right. 

I've wanted to introduce form drawing for a while. It's generally introduced in first but for simple straight and curve lines I wanted to start in kindergarten. My kindy boy though is by no means a perfectionist and his motor skills aren't fantastic so I thought to use our Handwriting without Tears pieces for wooden capital letter to use for our forms. Here is the straight forms practice we did from Form Drawing for Beginners 
After practice with the forms using the wooden pieces for a while we will try again using out block crayons. 

Making Rain. Soil + moisture in a ziplock bag and taped to the window. After a bit in the sun the water evaporated, when it cooled it 'rained' inside out bag.

We took our best shot at making boats which we then tried out in our puddle. The balloon boat did make quite a splash but didn't do to well once it got wet. 

Tot school. Matching colors. At 2 he isn't very good at naming the colors but he can match like with like.

These same pieces from the above picture also have removable shapes which we matched and fit back into their proper spaces.