Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What we did this week

I've been reading a lot of montessori blogs which will show in our resent homeschool photos. There was been plenty of other things going on of course, lots of reading and cooking and all the good waldorf stuff but I was on a montessori kick this week so that's what you get. Next week should be good as tomorrow is michaelmas and we have been prepping for that all week. I hope to most some awesome photos and general waldorf-y goodness soon.

Loch doing HABA's Poch-Poch. Geometric shapes with holes, small nails, and a wooden hammer. Last year he needed help to put in the nails, hold them, and then he could hammer them down. This year no help necessary. He created a robot, a train, and a sail boat. (Well that's what he said they were anyway)

Nesting Sort & Stack. I like this beacuse you can sort it based on colors, (dark to lightist) size, (big - small OR tall - short) or you can nest/stack them inside each other or on top of each other. We played with this for a while as it's 'supposed to be used' and then we made a castle.

Shamelessly stolen from a montessori blog we had a plastic spider who was warping things in it's web. So using the ugly green yarn we wrapped several helpless animals practicing some fine motor control skills.

Pouring water! had several different containers we poured back and forth making only a moderately sized mess on the table.

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