Saturday, September 18, 2010

Preschool Fun this week

This week was a lot of fun for us. My little guy is 3 1/2 so we are doing a mix of preschool and kindergarten. We have being 'doing school' since he was one and a half I have a bit of a curriculum habit so I use a ton of different resources but we started with (and are still using) Little Acorn Learning. At first I used it as a general concept idea and had to modify it a bunch since he was so little. This year I need to modify very little and I love the use of weekly themes that I don't have to plan.

We are also using Oak Meadows kindergarten program with some modification for the fine motor control components. Being 3 he can not yet form letters or really draw more then a circle or a scribble. But he 'gets it' other then that one thing.

Sonlight is a chirstan homeschooling program that is commonly used in the homeschooling community. Now I'm not thrilled with the bible aspects of the program BUT their reading list (minus the bible books) are FANTASTIC.
We are using there P3/P4 guide book as a good rule of thumb for adding books into our homeschooling program. What I like most is that some of the books are great classics I had just forgotten about and others are books I had never heard of. Wonderful additions to our home library.

Yule (almost 7) Doing a puppet show for the baby out of a cardboard box. Ah the wonderful uses of a box.

Loch (3 1/2) Practicing some practical skills, using the wash board to wash his clothes.

We decided to do some dying with silk we had to make new play silks then I also got it in my head to while we were at it to try dying some of the babies diapers.

Look mom it looks like a kite!

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