Thursday, September 30, 2010

Michaelmas 2010

Michaelmas! A poor amount of information seems to be out there about Michaelmas. Maybe it is out there but I can't find it so others who are new to waldorf probably can't either. According to wikipedia Michaelmas is a catholic festival celebrating the arch angle Michael throwing Lucifer out of heaven but now is only really celebrated by waldorf schools. :/ Really not all that helpful, thanks wikipedia. Michaelmas is also mixed with Saint George defeating the dragon which as a little more story found to it but gives no real ideas on how to celebrate this holiday. Many families are hesitant to make this a religious festival, either not being Christan or not wanting to focus so much on Satan with young (or even older) children. Others look to George and the dragon to represent good overcoming evil but how do you actually do that? Once a week we have a group of waldorf family's who gather for some fun group activities and so i have some wonderful Michaelmas photos to show to you! A quick overview of things that didn't get photos. Each clue had a treasure (a candle, a cape, a piece of colored glass, a felted ball 'shooting star', and a ball of dough to put on sticks and roast over the campfire.) We all tromped through the woods for about 30 mintues with 25 or so children until getting to our final destination where we feasted on Dragon Shaped Bread and the children played in the wonderful forts a previous group had made in the woods earlier that winter.

A Dragon marks the spot where we begin our quest. Capes made of golden light to keep us strong and bold.

Clues rest at each location leading us on our path. Treasures buried deep within, here a candle to light our way and help us see the truth.

A corn labyrinth we must walk to find treasures untold. A piece of glass for each to hold each piece is clear and cold.

A star marks our journey, felted balls are shooting stars. Make a wish and keep on journeying your clan is almost home.

Brave and true, Will I be. Each kind word, Sets me free. Each good deed, makes me strong. I will fight, for the right. I will con-, quer the wrong!

Fire burns but also heats our tired and cold feet. Take a rest and take a breath, our journeys at a end.

Hidden in the woods at our campfire spot, shelters made of sticks and twigs.

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