Thursday, August 16, 2012

easing back into homeschooling after a break

We bought a place and have been moving so we took a 'summer break' and did very little official schooling for the last month. Most of this was done just this week as we ease back into the swing of things.

Rhyme 'domino's' from targets dollar section. Some of the rhyme matches were hard for even me to find so I picked out a few I knew had matches and we played with those.

This book talked about how our tongue can only taste some things and where we can sense them on our tongue so we did a little matching. We used, salt, lemon juice, baking powder, and a piece of candy to label each taste as salty, sour, bitter, and sweet.

Got our kits from Academy of science for kids for the upcoming school year. Since it's summer (for not much longer) we did the Make Snow experiment from the polymers kit. It was a lot of fun and we figured out how if you keep adding water it turns from light fluffy 'snow' into gooey globs. 

More science! We used a kit bought randomly at a garage sale. This goo was made by a mixture of water, borax, & glue. We also dyed it red, 'cus the more it looks like something gross the more fun it is, right?

A marble maze.
You put the peices together attempting to make something the marble can run through to the end. Tricky tricky engineering and logic lessons going on here.