Saturday, January 15, 2011

Preschool on the cheap vol #2

People are always worried about the cost of homeschooling. There are plenty of ways to do it for bookoo bucks but there are also ways to do it for cheap or even for free. And that's without taking into account using any sort of state run program that gives you money for homeschooling expenses (although that is also an option.)
Value Village / Salvation Army / Other Thrift Shops are your Best Friend. (and think outside the box)

Ideas: make your own, thirft shops, friends, freecycle, & the dump (yes the dump!)

Once you know what to look for you can find an amazing array of educational supplies. Here is my check list when evaluating any item/toy/craft
  • Is it 'natural'? (does it have life or is shiny dead feeling plastic?)
  • Will it support my children's imagination?
  • Can it be used opened-ly? / Can it be used in multiple ways?
  • Can it be used for multiple age ranges?
  • Is it a official school item or is it a toy box item?
  • How much prep or involvement does it need from me?

Found at the dump. A totally perfect memory game set.

                                      Cloth pin gnomes made from random bits out of the craft box.

Practicing numbers. Old file folder and some random bits of felt cut into numbers to play with.

Also found at the dump! This box had a cool info book about dinosaurs, plastic glasses, a 'pick' and a wooden hammer, this cool dino plastic mat, and some cement with 3 little dinosaurs in it we 'excavated'.

Thrift shop score! this cute little info page & bird craft came in a box with a few other minor crafts and a whole list of January-ish craft activities.  The thrift store had all 12 months of these little themed craft boxes for .99 each and that day they were even a half off item!

Freecycle find. A mom was sorting out the attic after her kids were grown and gone so I got these.

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  1. Even though my children are older, these are some great ideas! Thanks for joining in the Hip Homeschool Hop!