Friday, January 7, 2011

A day in the life...

So sparked by the 'peek' into other homeschoolers lives via several email groups I decided to throw my 'Day in the life of a homeschooled preschooler' out there.

Plenty of things change this schedule. Normal things like sickness, holidays, or things that must be done, but generally heres the scoop.

8 - 8:30 - we wake up. I am not a morning person my boys on the other hand feel that mornings are super-de-duper. I spend anywhere from 10 -30 minutes trying uselessly to convince them it's still sleepy time and they should just go back to bed.

Get up, make breakfast, eat breakfast, pour coffee, check facebook via itouch.

9 - 930-ish I get dressed. Sometimes the boys get dressed depending on their mood. We homeschool. I totally don't care if they wear their PJs until it's bed time again.

10-ish We do 'circle time' I light a candle, sing opening verse, song, closing verse, then blow out the candle.

 - Now in a normal school this is where the kids get together in a circle, sing a couple of songs, some fingerplays, and maybe a story that relates to the weekly theme. -This is not circle time at our house. -
Asher (1yr) adores anything with music, fingerplays and cute little songs are right up his ally. Loch (almost 4) on the other had loathes circle time with a deep passion. He always has, even at story time when he was just a wee babe. So 'circle time' is me doing the above with varying degrees of his running wildly around going on around me.

10:15 or so Sometime after this I ask him to check and see what the homework fairy has brought him.
The homework fairy comes in the night and leaves his school work in 4 large plastic drawers. He can normally find at least one of these that he wants to do right then.

Main lesson / Homework fairy projects can take anywhere from 5 minutes - an hour depending on what they are and his interest level.

10:30/11:30 a bit of housework and some free play

Noon is lunch followed by babys nap and a little tv time for 'quite' time.

1 or 2 is time to head out if we have things to do in town if not we finish up any left over work or projects.

3-ish Running around in town / free play at home

4 - dinner prep / housework

6 - dinner / daddy gets home / daddy time

8 teeth brushing / books / bed

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