Saturday, January 15, 2011

Curriculum Review #1

Kumon makes a gazillion workbooks. Then I found these cute little ones for the 2+ age group. Kumon Books Can be found at Barns & Noble for about 7 bucks each.
The one pictured above was our favorite but they also have a color, fold, and cut one. These books are really very good for the price and are great at practicing fine motor control. 

Good points: 
  • great fine motor control practice. 
  • fun. 
  • start off easy and then progress to more complicated work pages.

Bad Points: 

  • Not really do-able for most 2 year olds really more for 3+
  • Repetitive. 'Color the white spot on the strawberry red' - 'Color the three white spots on the icecream cone the correct colors.' 

All in all I say that if you are going to buy one go with the sticker or cutting one and pull it out once in a while when you don't have anything, or it's a sick day. Makes you feel like a good mom to get 'something' done
If your toddler or preschooler digs it then go ahead and buy all of them. Some kids just thrive on repetition and workbooks. Mine were all into it for 1 book and then lost interest now they get pulled out every now and then and are fun for about 1 pages worth of work.

Stars: 3 / 5

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