Saturday, February 4, 2012

whats the title?

We bought Life of Fred: Apples and LOVED it. Loch doesn't quite get it all of course and there are parts I just skip over but he is loving reading them and even I'm learning stuff. We managed to inter library loan the 2cd book (Butterflys) and a discussion of the Orion Nebula turned into a full on  little study of our solar system. We had some old card board boxes so Loch drew and colored the sun and all 9 planets and I cut them out.

(And yes I said 9. Because there are 9 planets in our solar system. It's only a matter of time before Pluto regains it's planet status.)

At a thrift shop eairly this summer I also found a Magic School Bus kit about asteroids. So I dug it out of my 'homeschool stuff for later' box and we read the book and then created this nifty little homemade 'plant'. Flour covered the bottom and then we added cinnamon, cloves, & chili powder for coloring. 

Then... is that a bird? a plane? No! it's an asteroid! (or a rock)  Coming to disrupt our planets surface!

A few army men took the brunt of the blast, one lost a head but the rest lived to fight another day.

Shadow puppet play!

Playing with color. If I look through blue and yellow what color is the light?
red and blue?
 This could be used with colored plastic wrap too we just happen to have borrowed these fancy ones from a friend.

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