Monday, January 9, 2012

pre-k activities over the winter break

Been taking a nice easy break. Presents and family, and siblings, and weeks & weeks of -30 makes lazy people. so here are a few activities we did for school.

Practicing with a hole punch. Originally I was making sewing cards but The kids wanted to try it and it's good for that fine motor control stuff.

Practicing buttoning on a dressing vest. We are pretty good now with unbuttoning and re-buttoning with the large ones and can unbutton the small was well too.

Story telling cards. First he told his own story then we took turns picking cards and telling part of a story. Story telling practice, Memorization, Social Skills, Taking Turns.... 

While watching The Electric Company I got this idea and we made up these cards. I wrote down some easy 3 letter phonetically correct words. L had to read the word then he could jump over it. 

If he needed help to read the word he had to read the next word and jump over both. If he kept missing the list of words kept getting longer. If he read a word independently the line got shorter. 

I picked this up at Once Upon a Child for a $1 it's basically word bingo. So lots of easy fun reading & matching practice.

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