Friday, November 4, 2011

Pre to the K - this weeks pictures

Fine motor practice - sharpening a pencil. Yay for things that are weird and actually count as school. Just think for a second you need to be able to hold both objects. Hold one still and rotate the other while not dropping the pencil. Forcing the pencil into the sharpener but not too hard. Sharpening until it's sharp but not so much as to brake the tip.
This is a useful skill and fine motor control practice. Perfect for pre-kers or kindy students lagging in motor control.

A game from the sonlight p4/p5 teachers manual. Each player has an ice cube. You roll a die and depending on which number comes up you either add salt to your cube, blow on it, place it in water.... etc. First player whos' ice cube melts whens. 
Covering Science, math, following directions, taking turns.

Cutting Practice. We read stone soup and followed it up by making veggie soup for lunch.
Fantastic fine motor control practice!
( For this I gave the baby his own bits of potato and the wooden play knife so he could 'cut' too)

Attempting to grow a carrot and potato. We hallowed out the inside and added water to them. Failed Failed Failed but it was fun to try.

The Letter I - a giant I on a scroll. "Here ye here ye I proclaim to all the land!"
Literacy, letter recognition.

I got these fantastic geometric shapes at a retired teachers yard sale. We like to fill them up with rice. Sometimes we weigh them against each other eg. is a sphere heavier then a cylinder?
Sometimes we just make a mess which is fun too.
And a bonus: I learned what the difference is between a triangle pyramid and a square pyramid.
spatial recognition, fine motor (pouring), math

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