Friday, September 30, 2011

preschool on the cheap vol #3

So the idea of preschool on the cheap is doing homeschool for.. well... cheap. Sometimes it's about finding educational items at garage sales, thrift stores, or the dump but sometimes it's about making things. Sometimes I look at products and think 'I could make that' but I totally don't because well, I have a life. and I'm lazy. 
I could make wonderful materials that last for many children but really once it's mastered I have to store it and my cabin is very small so storage space is reserved mostly for books and yarn.

So I give you some simple ideas I used this week for preschool on the cheap.

We borrowed a copy of RightStart math level A from a friend and so far have been really liking it. So this was part of doing lesson 2. it's just construction paper so super easy but there are a couple of things going on here for this lesson which is a review of #'s 1-3 and introduction of #4.

1. the blue paper is folded into 4 sections
2. there are 4 shapes cut out. (circle, diamond, triangle, square)\
3. there are 4 of each shape

Now the idea was to sort them into groups by shape. which was easy enough but once I ask him to not pile them on top of each other but to give them each their own pile he natural assigned each one of them a place within the folded squares of the blue paper. =D

He likes to pattern. He has AB patterning down. (eg ABABABABAB)
as normally has ABC patterns (eg ABCABCABC) 
but this was the first time he did a ABC pattern of his own without any prompting.

SCIENCE fun! water + food coloring + celery = awesome. 

Digging up the potatoes from out raised bed.

Once we got the potatos inside and washed them off we decided to have him line them up from biggest to smallest. 
*think - patterning, sequencing, counting* 

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