Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So long summer

It's been a long time since i've posted. I'd like to blame the summer weather, or fancy activities, or even that since it's summer my DSD has been home from school and suddenly it's harder to get our pre-k/k work done but really it has more to do with DS2's ability to push the chair out of the way and crawl up the stairs which means my computer time is suddenly very limited. :-)

This summer i wanted to do some world culture / geography lessons so that was our summer activity. I looked around for curriculum i could use with my pre-k/Ker & the 2cd grader and ended up buying Expedition Earth ( )

which i wish i had found earlier! but they have lot of lot of printable so i know i will be back to their site in the future. :)

We started off in mexico. we classified some mexican animals, learned about children in mexico, and looked up a lot of info about Geckos. the smallest gecko measuring about 3 inches and the longest 12! 

Next we flew to china. Learned about the Chinese new year and did a little origami.

We also dyed some silk with kolaid

Next was India, elephants, henna, + hot weather!

Lochs own sari for the lesson. :) He really liked that you tuck it in your underwear. *sigh* boys...

And finished up with England. 

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