Thursday, October 14, 2010

Corn husk Dollies

So... despite every website or blog I came across explaining how one makes a corn husk dolly assuring me that any craft store will carry dried corn husks they in fact do not carry such a thing here in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Rather then give up my chosen craft for the coop Thursday Waldorf group I chugged along and bought 'fresh' corn at the grocery store. I striped and dried then re-wet this morning as it had dried to a brittle-y mess overnight. And today we made dolls! Not bad if I do say so myself. Now I found plenty of sites that have corn husk dolls using anywhere from 6-20 pieces of husk. Some had bonnets and bodices and were really works of art but alas as an Alaskan my ability to turn this foreign substance known as 'corn' into art is...lacking. So for a more younger crowed and newbie friendly version I give you a photo tutorial.

Start with 6 husks 4 larger ones and two smaller ones.

Place the four large ones together, these will form the head & body of your doll. Double knot some yarn or twine near the top.

Carefully peel the husks back over the knot you just made. You fillip in over onto itself.

This is what you get after you have turned it inside out.

Tie another double knot just under this so it forms the head.

take your two smaller pieces of husk and place them together and tie them at the ends. This makes your dolls arms and hands.

Separate the dolls body with two husks on each side and slide the arms you just made in.

Tie another knot of yarn just under the arms giving your doll a waist. Now if you are making a girl doll trim the husks and yarn as you desire and you're done! If making a 'boy' doll separate the bottom husks and tie off legs just like you did above with the arms.

Be prepared to also be asked to make airplanes or rocket ships! ;D


  1. Some people are so creative! Love the doll. (and the little doll in the blue striped shirt.)

  2. I vaguely remember doing this in school as a child. My daughter would love this.

    I'm visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop.

    Rachymommy -